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Rousdon Estate

Rousdon Estate is a unique residential Estate located 500 ft above sea level on the Devon\Dorset coastline.  With 350 acres comprising farmland, parkland, private land, a nature reserve and a community of 104 homes, it has attracted an eclectic mix of people hailing from all parts and from all walks of life.


Originally built in the 1870s as a country seat for Sir Henry Peek, the listed Estate served as private School from 1936 to 1997.  When Allhallows College closed the new owners sought permission and successfully converted the Estate into a private residential enclave and in October 2014, the ownership and management of the Estate passed into the hands of Allhallows Limited, a company formed in 2005 by participating Estate property owners. 

This website attempts to set out in simple terms the Company's responsibilities and obligations to its shareholders and other property owners. All shareholders own property on the Estate and it is managed by a Board of Directors each having a portfolio of responsibilities. Since inception our remit is primarily to protect the integrity of this very special place and through our teams of volunteers keep it as a haven for our wildlife and human populations.

Judith Ellard

Allhallows Limited

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