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Who are Allhallows?

Allhallows Limited is a company set up to protect, manage and maintain the Rousdon Estate

Allhallows' remit, together through its ownership of Rousdon Estate Management Limited, extends over all the Estate to visitors, holiday-makers, shareholders, non-shareholders and other residents alike.

The company currently has six elected directors.

Chair  - Judith Ellard

Legal – Alex Preshaw

Estate  - Barry Moore

Filtration farm – Mary Hansell

Environment – Chris Perrett

Environment – Adrian Littler

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The Directors do not receive remuneration or benefits in return for their services.

Allhallows Purpose

Our aim and purpose is to ensure that the Estate is maintained and managed for future generations, to provide a safeguard for each shareholder's investment and to protect existing rights and covenants for all owners.

  •     To direct and manage the day to day upkeep of the Estate employing such powers and influence with discretion, balance and the medium to long term view in mind

  •     To maintain and regenerate the environment and infrastructure for the long term and subsequent generations

  •     To provide regular communication and reports to members

  •     To deliver robust, flexible and adaptable representation wherever and whenever to deal with the changing issues and climate

  •     To establish a solid working relationship with the owners on the Estate recognising established positions, rights and obligations

  •     Through ownership of REM Ltd, to ensure that service charges are fair, reasonable and transparent

REM Limited


Rousdon Estate Management Limited is the Rent- charge Owner and levies charges for Estate maintenance.

Rousdon Estate Management Ltd (REM) is a wholly owned, not-for-profit subsidiary of Allhallows Ltd. The directors of Allhallows Limited are directors of REM limited.

Allhallows Ltd owns 215 acres of Rousdon Estate outright, including parkland, farmland, undercliff (leased to Natural England), the beach, the sewage treatment plant, woodland, verges, roads, carparks and tracks.  A further 135 acres comprises houses and private land attached to those dwellings.

REM Ltd is the company responsible for managing the running of the Estate. It owns no land or assets but it is the Rent-charge Owner and Owner of the Covenants which regulate activities and practices on the Estate to protect all property owners.

REM has a binding contract with every homeowner, for arranging and overseeing maintenance and repair work on the Estate and for the collection of service charges.

Foul drainage bills will be levied by REM on behalf of Allhalllows Ltd.

REM Ltd is not registered for VAT.

To contact management on a Rousdon Estate Management Ltd specific matter, please email to: contact us 

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Rousdon Residents Association ROAR
ROAR is an open membership association for all Estate owners and residents, Allhallows Limited shareholders and non-shareholders alike.
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