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Allhallows Limited and its directors have used their best efforts to ensure the accuracy of the information found on this website.

However, the Company makes no representation with respect to the accuracy or completeness of the contents of the website and is not responsibile for any consequences of the use or misuse of the information that it contains.

If any errors or inaccuracies are noted please advise the Board who will take the necessary actions to rectify them.

Rousdon Estate

The owners, management and agents of Allhallows Limited shall not be liable for nor shall they accept responsibility for any injury, loss or damage howsoever sustained by any person or persons whether arising under the express or implied terms of access to Rousdon Estate and Allhallows land, whether direct or indirect and including consequential losses arising out of any of the activities of Allhallows Limited or in any way whatsoever which does not arise from any negligent act or omission of the owners, management and employees.

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