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Update on footpaths

Pumping station to Beach footpath

The beach path is now open but with warnings to proceed with CAUTION.  Temporary repairs have been made to the path, and steps have been dug into the ground - we had another 2 inches of rain last Monday and with this unpredictable weather cycle, this is the best option for now.  

Please let your holiday guests know that it is not a path for flip flops and due care and attention at all times is advisable.
Regular monitoring of the path will be carried out over the summer season.

Thank you for your understanding.


South West Coastal Path

Coastal path from Seaton to Lyme Regis is open

Beach Track

Beach Track from Bridle Path to Pumping station

The beach track is still closed to all vehicles except for those belonging to owners of the Summerhouse and Cliff Cottage. The road has collapsed on one of the lower bends due to the amount of rain we have had.  A temporary fix is in place to enable Cliff Cottage access but it should be regarded as off limits to all other vehicles until further notice. Pedestrian access is not affected.

Beach Clean April 27th at 10.30am. CANCELLED due to Landslip

And so we enter 2024, the 10th year of Home Rule!! Yes, if you were here 10 years ago – that was the time we took the plunge – Allhallows negotiated the deal, raised the funds and purchased the bulk of Rousdon Estate as it exists today. In these last 10 years and thanks largely to our volunteers, the Estate has been transformed. Trees have come down, new trees have been planted, walls have been pointed, fences have been fixed, the roads have had some resurfacing, the filtration plant has been tended (with love I know), the woodland walks have been robbed of their invasive laurel and surfaced with precious chippings, the beach track has been secured, and a few more plots have been purchased since.

The Board of Directors meet every two months to manage this evolving process. We are blessed with people who contribute tirelessly to making this place better – and it shows. Thank you.

We would like to extend a warm welcome to new residents who have moved here in the last few months. If you, or anyone reading this piece, would like to join one of the volunteering groups please let us know – I know some of you already have.

Recent storm damage has adversely affected a number of mature trees on the Estate and it will take some weeks to clear the debris entirely. If you see any trees which you think might be dangerous after this wild weather, please do contact Adrian Littler at The Farmhouse.


We have just agreed a further term with Nick and Anne Collier for the Farm Tenancy, that is the agreement by which the Colliers pay a tenancy to farm and keep sheep or cattle on parts of the Estate. And we would like to give a big vote of thanks to them and their team for all the work they do on the Estate.

South Field.jpg
Tree down on Ladies walk.jpg

Tree down on Ladies walk.

20 Speed sign_WR.jpg

Keeping to the speed limit on the estate is crucial for everyone's safety. By driving within the designated limit, we reduce the risk of accidents and protect pedestrians, children, and other residents. Let's prioritise safety and adhere to speed limits.

Ammonite Pavement-85_WR.jpg

A Fossil Code and Recording Scheme for the Axmouth to Lyme Regis Undercliffs National Nature Reserve.

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