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Rousdon Estate

There is something special about the Rousdon Estate. With 350 acres and 104 residences, it has a colourful mix of people hailing from all parts and from all walks of life. For many of us it is the place we call home, for some it is a peaceful retreat where one can escape from the pressures of elsewhere.

As at October 2014, the ownership and management of the Estate passed into the hands of Allhallows Limited, a company formed by participating Estate property owners. 

This website attempts to set out in simple terms the Company's responsibilities, authority, the scope of its property ownership, what it can and cannot do and both the Company's and property owners' principal obligations under the Estate Covenants. The information circulated by the Company from time to time may change, such as details of current directors and any new appointments made and we will try to keep members and residents updated on any relevant matters including maintenance and environmental programmes, particularly through this website's Estate Update page.

Each director of the Company is a working director and each has a portfolio of responsibilites, which may vary or overlap.

Inevitably there are ongoing changes, improvements and developments that affect aspects of life on the Estate. The Company’s directors take their responsibilities very seriously and are working quietly in the background, continuously monitoring these changes and developments, whilst ensuring that the Estate is maintained to expectations and that the covenants, which affect us all, are upheld.

The Rousdon Estate remains a unique, beautiful, pleasant and comfortable place and we are all fortunate to be a part of it.

With your help, Allhallows Ltd will do everything it can to keep it that way.

Judith Ellard

Chairman of the Board
Allhallows Limited