Who is Allhallows

Allhallows Limited is a company set up to protect, manage and maintain the Rousdon Estate

Allhallows' remit, together through its ownership of Rousdon Estate Management Limited, extends over all the Estate to visitors, holiday-makers, shareholders, non-shareholders and other residents alike.

The Rousdon Estate, in its entirety, comprises some 350 coastal acres of farm, parkland, private land and nature reserve on Devon’s south east Jurassic coast. It is set exactly between Lyme Regis and Seaton. There are 104 homes on the Estate. Some are smaller holiday homes, some are employed as holiday lets, some are substantial and some owner occupied.

A group of five owners, Judith Ellard (Middle, Peek and Billiard Houses), Barry Moore (Observatory House, late of East House), Frank Ponsford (East Lodge South), Paul Cleaver (Rook's Acre) and Keith Tuson (late of Billiard House) had the foresight in 2005 to create and fund Allhallows Limited to pursue the goal of bringing the entire Estate under its auspices.

The initial cash purchase was for 107 acres of the main central body of Rousdon Estate to preserve its integrity as an estate. The opportunity to participate in Allhallows ownership was then extended to all property owners on the Estate and 63 owners took up the opportunity. The Company's 100 shares are now fully subscribed. Shares in the Company may only be held by Estate property owners.

The original remit of bringing the residual c160 acres under its ownership or control was achieved in 2014 through efforts led by directors Judith Ellard and Barry Moore, supported by the Board and other interested parties, who either purchased peripheral land for the Company to manage (some of which has been re-purchased by Allhallows) or granted the Company secured, term loans (repaid as of 2018). In the process a unique, near 270 acre (excluding the c80 acres of private Estate land), self-managed, enclosed community was created... and at no further cost to the shareholders, residents or owners. 

The Company continues to encourage non-shareholding property owners to 'buy in' to Allhallows.

The company currently has five elected directors.

The Directors do not receive remuneration or benefits in return for their services.