Rousdon Owner's and Resident's Association

ROAR is an open membership association for all Estate owners and residents, Allhallows Limited shareholders and non-shareholders alike.


(i) To provide a forum for the discussion of all matters relevant to the interests of members.

(ii) To represent members’ interests to Allhallows Limited Ltd and any other relevant bodies and authorities.

(iii) To develop and foster the Rousdon community through social activities, events and clear communications.

(iv) To protect and enhance the unique character and environment of Rousdon Estate including the support and encouragement of sustainable practices e.g. waste disposal, energy conservation, farming, etc.


(i) All owners and residents over the age of 18, including residents having a rental agreement of 6 months or more, are automatically members of ROAR and entitled to vote at relevant meetings. Any person wishing to actively revoke their membership should inform the secretary either by letter or by email.

(ii) Persons not living on the Estate but having an interest in it may be offered Honorary Membership at the discretion of the management committee.

ROAR publishes the Estate newspaper the "Rousdoner" quarterly, which is delivered to every household on the Estate. The editor and publisher is Taylor Downing.

Current committee members are:

Neil Moss 01297 442436 (Chair, Committee Managemet and Policies)

Roy Jones 01297 443737 (Vice Chair)

Josephine Cook 07767 262301 (Secretary & Assistant Treasurer)

Sylvia Stride 01297 443718 (Treasurer and Membership Secretary)

Anne Fleming, Glynis Preshaw, John Broome and Eddie Browne

The full ROAR committee meets quarterly and individual committee members take responsibility for key areas of activity between meetings and have an ongoing and close liaison with the Allhallows Board (the owner and operator of Rousdon Estate).

Please contact the relevant person if you would like to contribute or if you have any issue to raise.

Link to the ROAR Website