Allhallows Purpose

Our aim and purpose is to ensure that the Estate is maintained and managed for future generations, to provide a safeguard for each shareholder's investment and to protect existing rights and covenants for all owners.

  • To employ such powers and influence that the Company may bring to bear with discretion, balance and the medium to long term view in mind
  • To maintain and regenerate the environment and infrastructure for the long term and subsequent generations
  • To provide regular communication and reports to members
  • To deliver robust, flexible and adaptable representation wherever and whenever to deal with the changing issues and drivers that will inevitably become apparent over the coming years
  • To establish a solid working relationship with the owners on the Estate which recognises enshrined positions, rights and obligations
  • Through ownership of REM Ltd, to ensure that service charges are fair, reasonable and transparent
  • To build, wherever possible, strong individual relationships with all relevant Government bodies and agencies
  • To provide added value through sound judgement, regular communication and efficient execution to achieve our goals
  • To work with open communication channels and full commitment