Estate Guidelines


Please advise the directors of any suspicious individuals or cars that do not seem to belong on the Estate. Whilst rare, there have been instances of petty theft and fly tipping.

Vigilance will not go unrewarded.

Drainage System

The Estate drainage system is by septic tank and filter beds, draining into reed beds.

In order to ensure the proper working of this system, residents are asked to use washing powders and liquids designed for use in such systems such a Ecover products. It is also important to ensure that materials that are not bio-degradable, fats and chemicals such as bleach, disinfectant, petrol, weedkillers etc do not enter the system. Residents’ co-operation in this will be much appreciated. Please see Waste Water Treatment.

Domestic Rubbish

To be stored in secure bins and arrangements for collection of domestic rubbish by the Council is the responsibility of the individual property occupants. Rubbish should not be put in plastic bags and left outside houses or dumped on general Estate land.

Service Access and Building Practices

Building works, particularly materials and rubbish are to be kept within the curtilage of the individual property. The Allhallows director in charge of Infrastructure and Maintenance, Barry Moore, must be advised of how rubbish will be dealt with, i.e. skip, external building materials storage etc, prior to commencement of works.

Under no circumstances should any individual owner or contractor alter or redirect any mains services prior to gaining consent from Allhallows Limited in writing.

Speed on the Estate

Please observe the speed limit of 20 mph and drive with caution at all times and more particularly please let the directors of Allhallows know if there are sightings of unwanted outsiders racing around the Estate.

Beach Path and Access

The nature of the coastal area that Rousdon Estate occupies is well known for landslips and erosion. The path to the beach is reviewed annually and rebuilt as the coast slips away. Whilst precautions are taken as far as is possible, access to the beach can be hazardous and all care and due diligence should used when using the pathway. It is stressed that access is at your own risk. 

Car Parking

Adequate car parking is provided for individual properties and parking should be restricted to these areas. General parking around the Estate is NOT permitted and more importantly, attention is drawn to the fact that storage of boats/trailers is specifically excluded from transfer documents and is not permitted on Estate roads or car parks.


Dogs must be kept under control at all times and be on a lead when on the Bridle Path and all tarmac roads north of the Bridle Path.

Let Fields and Agricultural Management

The rent producing fields owned or managed by Allhallows are let to a local farming family for agricultural purposes. Any instructions or requests of any nature to them must only come from appropriate Allhallows directors so authorised by the Board.