Estate Covenants


Permission to develop Rousdon Estate was granted on the basis of certain conditions that apply across the entire Estate. With regards to private residences, the following conditions were laid down by East Devon District Council and these conditions apply today.

Constraints on Gardens

Constraints on gardens will be achieved primarily through the informed and consistent application of the Conservation Area controls and through the withdrawal of GDO (General Development Order) rights. For guidance these controls preclude:

  1. New garden boundaries other than those shown on the landscape and planning drawings;
  2. All garden boundaries maintained other than as flint or brick walls, iron parkland railings, box, yew, bay, Escallonia or Cotoneaster or privet hedges, to reflect the historic record;
  3. Any visible satellite dishes, radio masts, etc;
  4. Bin stores outside of identified areas;
  5. Washing lines, garden sheds and play equipment other than those limited to private, visually enclosed areas;
  6. Signage should be kept to the minimum necessary, and reflect the agreed Estate style.

Residents are responsible for maintaining any landscape works implemented on their land and as part of the landscape plans, and in addition:

  1. For maintaining existing built boundaries, ornaments and structures in accordance with SPAB (Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings) guidance and best conservation practice;
  2. For keeping designated open areas, primarily forecourts and courtyards, tidy and free of any obstructions, including temporary stores of materials, wastes, furniture, new planting and the like.
  3. Path edges should remain as existing, primarily cut turf edges, but if new edging is required steel or other low profile, concealed edging should be used.

The covenants listed below are from "Schedule Four, Section A Negative Covenants" of the transfer documents.



Over the years rewording has occurred and there may be some variations from property to property. For the full list of covernants pertaining to a given property, refer to the transfer documents or apply to the Allhallow's Company Secretary for a copy. A small charge may apply.

The Rentcharge Owner referred to below is Rousdon Estate Management Limited.

  1. Not at any time to carry on upon the Property any trade business or manufacture whatsoever and not to use the same for any purpose other than as a simple private dwellinghouse. Provided that this covenant shall not prevent the use of the Property for short term holiday lettings of one family at any one time.
  2. Not to do or permit or suffer to be done on the Property and/or the Estate anything which may be or become a nuisance disturbance or annoyance to the Transferor or to the owners or occupiers of any other part of the Estate.
  3. Not to erect or place on the Property any building external tank or other structure or make any external alteration  or addition thereto otherwise than:

    • a) in a good and workmanlike manner
    • b) in accordance with any statutory requirement and
    • c) with the prior consent of the Transferor and Rentcharge Owner
  4. Not to change the external paint colours without the prior written consent of the Rentcharge Owner (such consent not to be unreasonably withheld).
  5. Not to make or permit to be made any planning application in relation to the Property or any part of the Estate (without the prior written approval of the Transferor or the Rentcharge Owner).
  6. Not to cause or permit any noxious substance to pass into or do anything which will or may tend to obstruct interfere with or pollute or in any way impede the use of sewers drains natural watercourses and land drainage systems on the Estate.
  7. Not to deposit rubbish or garden clippings on any part of the Estate (other than garden clippings on the Property or Estate areas provided for the purpose).
  8. Not to dig pits or make excavations other than as required to carry out building or other works approved in accordance with the terms hereof.
  9. Not to park any vehicle on the Estate Roads or otherwise obstruct the Estate Roads and footpaths. 
  10. Not to erect of display placards advertisements or signs.
  11. Not to use or trespass on any footpaths roads or other lands situate on the Estate other than the Estate Roads any public paths and bridleways and any adopted roads or other roads designated for such purpose from time to time by the Transferor or Rentcharge Owner.
  12. Not to object or request or encourage any person to object on their behalf to a planning application relating to any part of the Estate and to not object to any development on any part of the Estate by the Transferor or on its behalf.
  13. Not to fell or lop any trees on the property without the prior written approval of the Rentcharge Owner (such approval not to be unreasonably withheld or delayed).
  14. Not to park any caravan or commercial vehicle (other than a small van no larger than a standard estate car) on the Property or anyt part of the Estate.
  15. Not to place or erect any structure or other thing on the Property or permit any tree bush or other thing to grow on the Property which blocks or materially restricts the sea coastal and general Estate views from any other building on the Estate (except to the extent that such views are restricted at the date hereof).
  16. Not to keep any live animals (other than 2 dogs and 2 cats) birds or poultry on the Property and not to allow any animals hereby permitted to wander onto the remainder of the Estate.
  17. Not to park any vehicle on, or otherwise obstruct, the access way of any other property.