In an emergency please contact the directors below in the first instance.

If not available, contact any director and email to the Board's email address. All directors will receive this email:

Barry Moore (Director, Infrastructure & Maintenance)
01297 445 088

Judith Ellard (Chair)
01297 444 734

If no directors can be contacted and the emergency relates to cattle, sheep, fallen trees or similar, please contact:

Nick Collier 

The Collier family let all the fields on Rousdon Estate and run the cattle and sheep. They are responsible for all the agricultural activities on the Estate.
01297 443 171



In the case of serious injury please call 999.

They will determine whether the Devon Air Ambulance should be dispatched.


On a charitable note:

The Devon Air Ambulance have made a number of visits to Rousdon Estate over the years each with a successful result. If you would like to Donate to Devon Air Ambulance they will be most grateful.